Johns Hopkins University | AS.060.630

Mapping Frederick Douglass’S Escape: An Historic Maryland Odyssey



This course provides an in-depth portrait of the historic Marylander Frederick Douglass, born near Hillsboro in Talbot County, Maryland around 1818, and who successfully escaped slavery in Baltimore in September 1838. We will read Douglass’s three autobiographies and other writings, as well as two biographies of Douglass to understand his importance in American life over time. The course includes three “living classroom” components. At the Douglass/Meyers Museum at Fells Point, Baltimore, students will learn 19th century techniques to build a sailing such as Douglass learned when he worked in the shipyards. Students will tour the Anacostia, DC Frederick Douglass Museum. The course culminates with a sailing trip from Baltimore’s Fells Point to historic St. Michael’s, kayaking along the Tuckahoe and Miles Rivers, and overnight camping on the grounds of a former plantation on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

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